Department of Social Medicine, Population, & Public Health at the UCR School of Medicine

The Department of Social Medicine, Population, and Public Health (SMPPH) is the department that administers the Center for Healthy Communities. The interim chair of the department is Monica J. Carson, Ph.D.

Mark Wolfson, Ph.D., was named chair of the SMPPH in May 2019 and will start in Fall of 2019. He comes to UCR from the Wake Forest School of Medicine.

For all inquiries regarding the SMPPH, please contact Executive Assistant Specialist Shaleta Smith or Deputy Director and Financial Administrative Officer Michelle C. Burroughs via email or by phone at (951) 715-2700.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Social Medicine, Population and Public Health is to engage in multidisciplinary education, research, service, and scholarship on the intersections of medicine and society with population and public health. This includes a focus on the social injustices and inequalities that contribute to poor health, the inclusion of oftentimes excluded voices, and the identification of solutions to address systemic change.